Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Always Believe in What Your Mind Tells You

We’re constantly thinking. 24/7. Our mind doesn’t give us a break, it keeps jumping from one thought to the next and sometimes we get exhausted from this internal voice that seems to be unstoppable.

How is that possible? Why does it feel like we have very little control over our minds?

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The mind is like a river, constantly flowing thoughts into our heads. Thoughts happen in response to external stimuli and they are basically memories from the past or a projection about the future.

95% of brain activity is way beyond our conscious awareness. Only 5% of our cognitive actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions come from the subconscious mind. It means that most of the decisions we make or things we say are done completely unconsciously.

Eckhart Tolle says we are not our thoughts, thus we shouldn’t identify with them. When we do that, we strengthen the beliefs we have about ourselves and others. Especially the limiting beliefs.

We are not the thinkers of our thoughts, we are just the observers. And as observers, we’re the ones who supply the power to the mind, not the other way around. We can watch a thought passing by just like a cloud passing in the sky.

So, if you decide to ignore a thought, it has no power to exist, so it will disappear.

The mind doesn’t pick a thought and force us to believe in it, it simply suggests it. Because it cannot force them to us, it doesn’t matter the nature of the thought, it doesn’t matter how real it seems to be or how irresistible it looks like.

A negative thought is just a judgment the mind is giving about a certain situation. The fact that you might see yourself as unlucky, unworthy, a victim of circumstances, doesn’t mean that is real. It’s just your mind judging it.

It seems quite hard to heal a sick mind. With a sick mind, I mean an agitated mind, that is all over the place, jumping from thought to thought (aka almost every single human alive!). In fact, it’s not true. It’s just a matter of practice. Of observation. Of awareness.

What about a loving, nurturing thought instead of a destructive one?

Since thoughts are just thoughts, not reality, we can pick the ones we want to believe in.

Does it mean we’re ignoring reality? No, not at all. Because the only thing that is real is you. Me. Us. When we believe our thoughts are real, we suffer. There cannot be peace because we’re trapped in an illusion.

“Simplicity is very difficult for a twisted mind”

A Course in Miracles

The mind (or the ego) wants to make everything complicated. When you refuse to take the illusionary thought as reality, the ego starts to crumble and loses its power. The heart then opens up and you’re heading for a life free of illusion and suffering.

That’s where love resides. Love and peace of mind.

Love resides within. It comes from within because we all come from the Divine source. You can call it God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, you name it. God is love, so we are love.

To feel this love, especially the peace that comes with this love, we must take the attention out of the mind. How can one feel peace when there is a crazy monkey inside of the head?

I’m not suggesting to stop the mind completely from thinking because that’s not possible. But instead, place the attention within. To get there, we must exercise sitting with awareness, which means meditate.

Meditation is the act of observing what comes to mind, sitting with that incessant voice and allowing it to speak. Not reacting to it, not engaging with it. Just watching it.

Whenever a thought comes to mind, ask yourself: Where’s it coming from? Is it based on past experiences? Why should I believe in this thought?

Start with the simple exercise of watching your mind. Watch it, reclaim your power and I promise, you’ll change your life.

“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind — you are the one who hears it.”

Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

Camila is an introvert, travelholic, digital nomad & writer. While traveling the world, she writes about health, nutrition, spirituality & personal development.

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